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Main Theme

Hello, and welcome to my life. My name is Siarin. Sometimes, my dad calls me Sin. Not because I am a bad boy, but because I hold the powers some might fear to witness. I don't blame him... He always lived so happily, and never had to witness the creatures I saw... If only he did, he would maybe appreciate me more. Not like it's something I want...

My sister loves me. She's similar to me in many ways... She sees the creatures too. When we're together, they can't scare us. When I'm alone, they can't scare me neither. Because I am the "brave" kid of the family. That's right! I said it! I can protect myself against them. My balloon friends always tell me that these creatures don't exist. They say I'm dreaming them up! Ha! Sillies.

Siarin and Sadaina's Theme

Being around Sadaina always makes me happier. Stab wound history aside, she helped me to make balloons together, fight the boredom of the pond, cheer me up when I was down. She's a special kid, kind of like me. Maybe a bit weirder... and more negative. She's afraid of everything when she's alone. Who am I to blame her! The creatures want to get us. Why else would they follow me everywhere?!

She is 3 years younger than me. That puts it as my responsibility to make her grow up into a responsible adult! I help her with anything I can. Sometimes, we sit down on the pond and watch the balloons float into the skies... only for me to bring them back down. It's funny, heh. Other kids want to watch the balloons pop. I find it weird! Why would you destroy something so cute and round! Why not destroy evil knights and sorcerers? Why the balloons! Oh, where was I...?

Siarin's Dream Sequence

Did I ever tell you my story about how I became a biggest circus performer in the world? Well, nu-uh, not literally, but like famous and stuff! I stood on top of the platform, and there was a lot of people, a lot of lights and awesome musicians. The audience was full of big guys, small guys, guys like me! When I jumped, I felt like I was a true bird! But then reality came to me! I started falling!

But it's okay! I'm an acrobat! When I started falling, everything around me turned into palettes of red, yellow and blue. I no longer saw people, but a bunch of balloons! As I flew down, I grabbed as many as I could! I didn't slow down - in fact the balloons made me fall even faster! Soon, I reached the speed of light! I was getting nowhere landing, so I relaxed, and started eating dinner midair. I'm an acrobat - don't worry! What was I eating, you ask? Cookies! My favorite cookies my mom always bakes me! "Breakfast, kids!" Oh... I'm awake... Welp...